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Gregory P. Zitko

Greg represents clients in all facets of the trust and estate law and in every aspect of the business cycle from creation to winding up.  He assists clients with establishing estate plans, administering the trusts and estates of client's friends and loved ones, and litigating related matters in order to protect the interests of his clients.  Greg works with his clients to set up their businesses and then assists them in dealing with the legal issues that arise from leases and contracts to litigation. 

Greg has presented numerous continuing education classes for other attorneys in an effort to share what he has learned through his experience and practice.  Whether it is in estate planning, trust and probate administration, business or litigation, his financial background provides his clients an insight that they would not receive from many other attorneys.  Combining his background, his knowledge of the areas of law in which he practices and the success he has had in both trial and appellate courts, it is clear why other attorneys refer their clients to Greg and seek him out to represent them personally.    

Greg takes a great deal of pride in the fact that he represents a broad spectrum of clients.  He provides the same dedicated service to his pro bono clients as he does to those in matters involving tens of millions of dollars. 

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Whether you are seeking to be appointed as a Personal Representative/ Executor or Trustee, you will be taking on a significant responsibility.  The ADMINISTRATION of TRUST and PROBATE estates can be a daunting and intimidating task.  When you add in the economic liability that could fall on the unwary, with even the best intentions, it is easy to see why any trustee or personal representative should seek out the assistance of an attorney who regularly practices in these areas.

A FIDUCIARY is required to put the interests of others above their own in carrying out their duties.  Unfortunately, this does not always occur.  At the Zitko Law Firm, LLC we represent beneficiaries and other interested individuals harmed by the breaches and inappropriate actions of fiduciaries.  If you are a beneficiary under a TRUST, a will, a PROBATE estate or any other situation in which another owes you a fiduciary duty, and have been harmed, The Zitko Law Firm, LLC has the experience and knowledge to enforce you rights. 

The Zitko Law Firm, LLC also represents fiduciaries who have been wrongfully accused of breaching their obligations.  We will fight to protect you and the position to which you were entrusted.






At the Zitko Law Firm, LLC, our approach to ESTATE PLANNING is much more than document preparation.  Estate planning involves listening and capturing your wishes.  Estate planning is not only the planning for what happens following your death, but also what happens during your life, if you are unable to make own decisions or if you must implement strategies to minimize death taxes on your estate.

We work with our clients to determine the strategies and documents that may be needed based on the specific client’s wishes and circumstance.  Our estate plans are customized to the client, whether that involves transfer on death beneficiary designations, wills, trusts or more advanced estate tax planning strategies and business succession planning.

As a direct result of our litigation experience, The Zitko Law Firm, LLC, knows and avoids the mistakes that other attorneys make which jeopardize the effectiveness of the estate plan.  

Contact The Zitko Law Firm, LLC to discuss your will, trust, durable powers of attorney, medical directives and other estate planning needs.


The Zitko Law Firm, LLC assists and advises clients in all aspects of the BUSINESS cycle.  We assist in selecting and creating the appropriate entity and continue with advising on governance, the creation and review of leases and contracts, and the other day to day needs of a business.  In certain circumstances we take on the role of general counsel for the client. 


The unfortunate reality of many business owners is that at one point or another, they are forced to litigate a dispute related to their business.  The Zitko Law Firm, LLC has represented business of all sizes and on a wide variety of issues when they are forced in to the courtroom.  Whether it is a supplier or vendor issue, a contract dispute, a disgruntled customer or any other business matter, The Zitko Law Firm, LLC has the experience and knowledge to effectively and efficiently protect your interests and enforce your rights.






Unfortunately, there may come a time when a friend or loved one is unable to make decisions for their own financial and/or medical wellbeing.  In those circumstances a GUARDIAN and/or CONSERVATORSHIP may be required.  Whether the proceeding is contested or by consent, The Zitko Law Firm, LLC, has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the judicial process to establish the guardianship and/or conservatorship and to administer the estate thereafter. 

If you believe the guardian or conservator of a friend or loved one has abused their authority and acted improperly in their positions, we can assistance you in obtaining the relief to which you or your loved one are entitled.

The Zitko Law Firm, LLC

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